Hope Davis Photography - The Cotton Crib

The Cotton Crib is a natural light studio located just behind my home in Decatur, Mississippi. The light that shines through the two large windows is magical. The photography studio has a light and airy feeling with simple timeless setups. You will feel like you're relaxing in a quaint little cottage as I photograph your littles. I would love for you to stop by any time and chat about your photo session, look at samples and simply visit.

Hope to see you soon!

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The story behind the name - The Cotton Crib - Back in 2016 we built our house 'The Tea Toddy' (I tell you about that name some day too) on my grandparents old home place. In the field next to their house (now where my mother lives) my grandparents had a huge cotton field and in the back yard there was a cotton crib to store the cotton. The original cotton crib fell down many years ago, but when I decided it was time to build a studio I knew the name had to be The Cotton Crib.